All progress comes at a cost to humanity. Some tasks are simple and offer new ways of living, but something of human nature is lostor changed.

The welfare of modern society has a sacrifice in the womb. I think art should speak of the things that society does not ordinarily see.

The end of time is not something that is to come. I do not know if you are aware that in my country are headless bodies every day. This is not an issue about death, but is a question about the cruelty. I think that Europe went through this passage.

What happens to humans? Now? Since when?

Once that had my play "Touch the Earth" had a scene that speaks of the massacre made by the Spanish against the natives, one of the audience tells me that the scene reminded him of the massacre had the gunmen in Mexico few months earlier. The violence has not stopped for centuries, is generalized. But we do not see it.

The battery of my cell phone is made from a material that takes the lives of children in a mine in South Africa.

Have you read any books by René Girard? He elaborates on this aspect that survives in all of us, and against which some of us fight every day. Maybe that's why we do theater. To avoid dying or not to kill, even when the theater talking about death. We do much, and how much we do, does little to change history. But it will not stop ever, because history would be more cruel without theater.

Te mando un fuerte abrazo Jorge